Sunday, March 9, 2008

Deep Links

Well we know Back links.. Right ?? Now Deep Links are same as back link but only the difference
or we may not say difference.. is that in deep links we don't have to link back for main page
like , Here we have to link back some middle page of site or other
like .
This is done so that our back links should look like natural. When we do if we link to main page
then importance goes over there, but i suppose that page should be balanced.. For google back
links should be natural.
There are many free and paid deep links directories.. Few of them i know

Go to google and search for "deep links" and you will have list of deep link directories.

So its not necessary to keep deep links but still it helps any how.

If you want any more help let me know..


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manikandan said...

Hi Pattel,

Very nice blog..

Thanks for your great informations about forums and directory links...

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