Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back Links

Basically google works on Back links... Now with back links many other questions arises
like what is Page Rank. What are deep links ?? Some times.. what is back link ??
Well this is the most and important part of SEO.

Back link means how many links (must be able to crawl by robots) you have got from other sites. Now getting back links doesn't mean that must advertise over that site..
You can advertise but you should keep html link not an advertise format link.

And your page rank depends on the no. links you get. You can check your page rank
Remember this tool is best and correct one.. I wrote this sentence cause on internet many other sites are avilable but they show fake rank and page strength.

Now if you want to see how many sites link you back .. then go to
search as follows link:

So for getting back links there are many process like submitting to directories, social bookmarking, using in signatures of forums, posting in blogs..

Just go to some social bookmarking site and submit your site and also recommend users to
bookmark it or do thumbs up for your site.. Social bookmarking is the best way for link backs
then any other as far as my knowledge. You can find lists of 150 social bookmarking sites.
I don't mean to register all over communities, you can just register and submit to few like , stumbleupon , , , ,Technorati, Newsvine ..etc etc

After that submit your site to directories with proper categories.. and tags and descriptions..
You can find here some free directories :
Well if you search in google you will find some paid links also.. Well its not necessary that you should buy links. You can find many good directories for FREE itself..

Now comes the forum signatures.. Just register at few good forums which are indexed
very well by google like
Keep links to your site or blogs there.. It also gives out visitors for you but also you can get
back links.
Same thing with blogs.. When you visit some blog then just make some good comment and the
end provide link to your blog or site.

Still this is not enough...
Before submitting to directories or buying links or using at forum just check PR (Page Rank) of
that directories.. and try to submit to PR3 (sites having Page Rank 3)or greater directories.
Suppose if you get back link from PR6 or greater then it quality link for you. So if you get more
quality links, more the page rank and more the chances to come up in google.

So when you submit your site don't expect your site will get indexed on same day or your PR
will increase same day.. Remember PR update take place in 2 months on an Average as far as
i know.

If you want you can buy some good packages of links like we are selling 100 manual submissions
to PR3+ directories just for10$. We also offer 1000 times thumbs up at stumbleupon just for
5$ per link. If you want the package then just leave me a mail or reply via comment with your mail.

Suppose if you submit your links at many sites and your PR gets upgraded to something, lets
consider PR2. Now suppose if you stop submitting or your old links are gone then don't expect
still your rank will be same. it may get down.
So the funda is keep submitting as much as you can, so the many SEO Services may charge you
on monthly basis if you buy SEO..

Yet there are many tips and tricks are yet to post.. Will sure post soon..


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