Sunday, March 9, 2008

SE Friendly URL's

Search Engine Friendly URL's is also the main thing to be done.. Many of us have dynamic sites
means site who's content changes daily. So url might be in such format

well this links can be cached by google but still making more simplicity or making it in such way
that it shows it is static page helps lots in caching..

Well the above link can be converted in following form<title of page>.htm

This link will be more friendly then that old one...
So converting such links is called Mod Rewriting which i will provide some links where you can get more explanation regarding this.

If you want more links. Please do reply i will post more and more


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Anonymous said...

hi my friend
please send me links of seo by method modrewrite which learn full
for example how convert$id=980 to

thanks man.