Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Page Rank Bleed Down

I have often seen on other forums / blogs in the seo / making money online industry about Page Rank Bleed Down and more importantly how to kick start this process on sub pages for inner page rank. As to why this could be important is beyond me as google is very strict against selling page ranked links so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

But if you just want to know for the sake of knowing then all you need to do is continue reading on! Before we get started lets talk about what PR Bleed Down is, PR Bleed Down is how the Page Rank from your home page is bled down from page to page. Every sub page you create has the potential to gain Page Rank and even out page rank your home page if you do it right!

So when we talk about PR Bleed Down what exactly does that mean? Basically it’s the way in which the Page Rank is accumulated from the homepage and distributed among the different sub pages within your site. A sub page can gain pr by pointing links directly to it or by the homepage linking to it or both. Your page rank power comes from when you apply both a homepage direct link and external links pointing to that new sub page. Without both the page won’t be very powerful and wont rank well in search terms.

So the raises the ever important question, how can I kick start my sub pages to get pr?

• Link To Them From The Home Page
• Submit Them To Social Bookmark Sites
• Cross Link The Sub-pages

If you do those 3 things you will more then likely get a page rank no less then 1 pr below your homepage. Meaning if your a page rank of 5 then your sub-page should be a 4 in the next update. After that, point a few external links to each sub page and be ready to up your page rank even past the home page pr in some cases!

What about you? Can you think of any other tips or ideas for getting your sub-pages PageRank higher? Tell us about them below by commenting!

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